E-commerce Mobile App


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Easy login & registration
User-friendly product filtering and sorting
Detailed product descriptions
Product gallery
Presenting your products with Augmented Reality
Shopping cart
Shipping options
Order summary
Secure and easy in-app payments
Ordering an invoice and adding company data
Returns and checking the return status
Checking the shipping status
The number of items users are seeing/left on the list
Checking item availability in specific locations
Item availability reminder
Personalized product recommendations & item feeds
Membership options
Loyalty programs
Flash sales and discounts
Easy customer service access
Product scores and reviews
Barcode scanning
Integration with an online store
Personalized content
Add to Wishlist
Add to Wishlist

    eCommerce or electronic commerce is when a transaction occurs using the internet. An example is when a customer (the buyer) purchases one or more products or services online from a virtual storefront (the seller). eCommerce applications or e-commerce apps are design patterns of functionality needed to list items for purchase, facilitate a transaction by accepting payment methods, and initiate fulfillment of those purchases.

    Mobile e-commerce applications and shopping apps also function as marketing tools when they allow for paid strategic placement of items for sale or use push notifications to market products. Mobile app development for e-commerce is also sometimes called m-commerce or mCommerce.

    Transactions that occur in the eCommerce industry can usually be classified as business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer, or business-to-business (B2B). eCommerce apps are optimized around the buyer and seller relationship. These categories are a way to break down the different types of eCommerce app experiences in the eCommerce industry and the various applications of e-commerce.


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