Staff Augmentation

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How it work

Staff Augmentation

Having the right team for your projects is critical to being successful. We often try to have our development or design team in-house, but it becomes impossible for some companies, especially startups. Seeing this scenario multiple times is the reason why Phoenix IT Global spawned this business unit called Staff Augmentation to overcome these issues. Whether you need a temporary or long-term project, you can contact us to find the team that suits your project and company.

We have more than 200 professionals willing to help you achieve your goals and meet them. We also have an account management team that will follow the progress of the resources, and you will not have to worry about anything. Mixed teams, Phoenix team, we can work together and find the right approach for your project. Dedicated teams are provided just for you, not shared with other clients to provide high-quality, time-deliverable results. Let’s make the team of your dreams!

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

  • 1Outsourcing of services to avoid having to deal with long-term contracts.
  • 2Immediate availability of resources for all activities.
  • 3Internal monitoring of Dipa regarding performance and professional growth.
  • 4Monthly billing based on resource hours consumption.
  • 5There is no specific hiring time.
  • 6We have more than 200 professionals around the world.


  • 1Development services in almost all technologies.
  • 2Senior and Mid-Level resources to be able to start your projects quickly.
  • 3Monthly billing based on the time spent on the project.
  • 4Resource performance monitoring.
  • 5Biweekly meetings to corroborate the activity that is being carried out.
  • 62 week trial period for large projects.
  • 7Overtime if necessary.